PEDESTAL フィギュア専用ケースブランド[ペデスタル]

The Stage for Your Special Figures

Pedestal was born as a case brand exclusively for displaying the most valuable figures from among your large collection.

High-position stage shows your figures beautifully

One of the characteristics of Pedestal is the high stage that displays your figures attractively.
Whether you place it on your desk or on a shelf, it looks exactly as if it were displayed in a gallery.

UV protection case keeps your figures from fading

UV protection acrylic is used for Pedestal’s clear-case parts, which substantially cut off harmful ultraviolet rays, keeping your valuable figures beautiful for a long time.

Reversible bottom face

The top board of Pedestal's stage is reversible; with a mirror face allowing you to appreciate the figure from a low angle, and a gloss-black face that is simple but luxurious.
You can enjoy stylish figures with the black face, and cute-girl figures with the mirror face, for example.

The high quality achieved by skilled craftsmen

Based on our quality-first policy, the Pedestal product is made by skilled craftsmen carefully processing and assembling them. For the upper clear-case part, UV protective acrylic is used, which is superior in transparency to glass and other plastics materials.
All the acrylic edges are finished by polishing.
Additionally, an aluminum-evaporated acrylic mirror is used for the top-board mirror of the stage as well, generating luxurious brightness.

We're sorry to say that we do not ship products internationally. For those customers who want international delivery, we’ll refer you to an international forwarding service.